Our Venue

Our venue, The Centrum, is a very beautiful concert stage setting with no curtains or scrims, oak flooring and four tiers of built-in orchestral-width risers. The hall can seat 800 patrons.
Sound is beautifully live, natural acoustic setting with minimum amplification required.  Modest level stage monitoring produces excellent results.  High level stage monitoring is detrimental to proper showcasing of performers.
House Lighting is a general stage wash with capabilities of adding up to a maximum of 4 Super Trooper Spots.  Augmentation is limited to the addition of colored gels for cove lighting, moveable spots and other equipment that can be reasonably accomplished within agreed budget and through existing power sources. House Stage power and lighting configuration will not accommodate complex lighting design.
Marley flooring can be brought in for acts involving dance.  Riser width can be expanded with staging.
Technical Information can be found here.

Star-Lit! Series seating charts:

Main floor: